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“The BodyFitz Difference”

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of gyms out there. There are thousands of personal trainers and hundreds of new types of workouts promising to change your life. Everywhere you look there is a person or establishment marketing to you about ways to improve your physical health. In a world so inundated with options, how do you choose?

I encourage you to keep one very important factor in mind when making decisions about your physical well being. Your health is not a fad. It is not something that can afford to come and go. It is not something you want to change with the times and it most certainly cannot be based on what is currently popular or trendy. We are different in the way we think about you!

Our health is our most important asset. Our health can determine how we feel when we wake up in the morning.  Our health can determine our productivity level in our personal and professional life.  Whether we exist with pain and discomfort, or live a youthful and spirited life can also be determined by or health.   With stakes this high, can we afford to follow fads and flashy advertisements?  Absolutely not! The Bodyfitz Difference is what you need!

This is where the BodyFitz Difference becomes so important. Our trainers and programs have never, and will never be, based on a trend. As a team, we strive to create the most well-educated, talented, and diverse group of trainers possible. Each person on our staff believes that we are never finished learning about the human body, its functions, and its capabilities. In the majority of large scale gyms, once a trainer has their basic certification, that is the only requirement to work in the building. However, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.” At BodyFitz, we believe we should be improving our knowledge base and our training skills continually and this is a requirement for every trainer. As a result they are, constantly seeking higher education, additional certifications, as well as mentoring and learning from one another. This mindset has led me to trainers with certifications in corrective exercise, degrees in exercise physiology and psychology, doctoral students with multiple degrees in exercise science, and a uniquely motivated group of people!

In addition to having the most conscientious and educated staff possible, we distinguish ourselves by learning more about our clients health and wellness needs than the average gym. Our staff believes in pre-assessing each individual client using functional movement screens, mobility and range of motion tests, and other assessments designed to detect faults in movement patterns and stability. We help you correct basic functional imbalances and develop muscular symmetry that will help keep your spine correctly aligned and all of your joints protected. These modalities provide our clients a lifetime of exercise and recreation devoid of injury and pain. Any trainer can make you sweat; our trainers will create an individualized program that will improve your quality of life.

We are thinking about your Fitness, your Health and Well Being.

Our health is a life-long investment. Just as you would not trust an amateur to manage your financial and personal assets, you cannot make the mistake of trusting minimally certified trainers who are more interested in generating sales than in your health. Our passion is fitness. Our desire is to show clients how to find optimal health. Our mission is to better our lives and yours every day. We want to see you grow, change, and improve for years to come. Let us show you the BodyFitz Difference!

Live Smarter. Train Better. BodyFitz.

What our members say

Nelson Castillo
Nelson Castillo

I was looking for a gym with personal one-to-one service instead of a big box facility. I stumbled upon BodyFitz in Sandy Springs, and initially spoke with its owner, Dan FitzSimons. Both professional and knowledgeable, he took me on a tour through BodyFitz, and I have to say the gym was immaculate: top-notch equipment .. Read More

 John Doe
Allison Prenger

BodyFitz makes it easy to roll out of bed at 5 am! It's so much fun to come and workout with the trainers here. Whether you are looking to tone up your arms for a wedding, get your butt kicked back into gear, recovering from an injury, or looking to simply maintain your health- there is a trainer here that is perfect for you.. Read More