Daily Activity…what does that mean?

Being physically active on a daily basis requires thought and effort.  A daily stroll around the block is only a small part of being active.  One must exert themselves enough to cause the heart rate and breathing to increase, to break a sweat and feel fatigue at the end of the walk or hike. This can take as little as 20 minutes or as much as 90 minutes.  Your age and fitness level may determine how hard you are going to exert your self!  For safety, have a buddy exercise with you or make an appointment with a fitness expert so that you can avoid set backs and wasting time..  If you have not had a physical in more than a year it might be time to schedule that appointment! If you are cleared to get physical….today is a great day to “step it up”!

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What our members say

Nelson Castillo
Nelson Castillo

I was looking for a gym with personal one-to-one service instead of a big box facility. I stumbled upon BodyFitz in Sandy Springs, and initially spoke with its owner, Dan FitzSimons. Both professional and knowledgeable, he took me on a tour through BodyFitz, and I have to say the gym was immaculate: top-notch equipment .. Read More

 John Doe
Allison Prenger

BodyFitz makes it easy to roll out of bed at 5 am! It's so much fun to come and workout with the trainers here. Whether you are looking to tone up your arms for a wedding, get your butt kicked back into gear, recovering from an injury, or looking to simply maintain your health- there is a trainer here that is perfect for you.. Read More