Corrective Exercise

Old Injury Limiting Your Fitness Goals?

Rehab Complete, But Not Back to Your Previous Fitness Level?

Want to Prevent Injury or Avoid Surgery?

Want to Optimize Your Speed or Strengthen Individual Muscle Groups?

BodyFitz’s Corrective Exercise Program might be right for you. Within the Program, our Corrective Exercise Specialist will use movement screens and comprehensive body assessments to identify weak, under-optimized muscles, and/or overly dominant muscles and create a customized program to correct these compensations.  Specially certified and experienced trainers in the Corrective Exercise field will monitor and maintain your progress, ensuring your success at reaching those previously difficult to attain fitness goals. The Corrective Exercise Program is designed to aid in your overall strength training program and will be performed in conjunction with strength training. BodyFitz has also recently upgraded all our equipment and expanded to a new facility in Sandy Springs to accommodate all of your fitness, strength and speed goals.

Corrective Exercise FAQs

What is Corrective Exercise? How does it work? Corrective Exercise is used to help clients who have dysfunction as a result of previous injury, current pain or deficiency, and as a method of injury prevention.  Often a dysfunction in one region of the body will actually cause pain in another location.  Years of bad form, improper posture from sitting all day, overuse, or repetitive motions can cause compensations leading to dysfunction of the kinetic chain– that’s all the bones and muscles connected together in a chain, and each segment in the chain affects the next–and ultimately may result in pain or injury.  A Corrective Exercise Specialist will use movement screens and assessments to determine weak or under active muscles and strong or overly dominant muscles to create a customized program to correct these compensations so you can restore proper function of muscles and range of motion in joints.

Why is Corrective Exercise important for me? Every body has issues.  The human body is extremely efficient and will purposely recruit the stronger muscles in order to produce movement.  Repetitive motions in your daily life can lead to overuse of particular muscles associated with those movements and can cause dysfunction when those muscles begin to be the only muscles recruited to complete movements. Muscles attach to tendons and ligaments which move your joints so by correcting inefficiencies to the musculature, joint pain will decrease. By working with a Corrective Exercise Specialist, we can address these compensations before they cause any further pain or dysfunction. Your pain will decrease, the likelihood of injury is reduced, and often your fitness goal attainment is accelerated.

Are you a candidate for Corrective Exercise? Have you ever been injured? Do you ever experience joint pain? Anyone who has had a previous injury, surgical procedure, or experiences chronic joint pain is a candidate for Corrective Exercise.

What happens after Physical Therapy? After suffering through an injury or undergoing a surgical procedure, Physical Therapy is usually necessary to restore strength and range of motion to the effected joint or muscle. After completing Physical Therapy, it is highly suggested to work with a Corrective Exercise Specialist because,although the injury has been rehabilitated, adjustments need to be made to the faults in the kinetic chain that originally caused the injury or dysfunction in the first place. A Corrective Exercise Specialist will look at the entire human movement system and assess any compensations occurring from the original injury or acquired during recovery time while movement patterns were altered.


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Corrective Exercise Baseline Assessment & Plan Development

One-Time Session:  Individual Baseline Assesment

Movement Screen Baseline & Corrective Exercise Plan
Coordinated & Integrated into Your Regular BodyFitz Trainer’s Program

45 Minute Sessions With Corrective Exercise Specialist

Single Session:

12 Session Pkg


24 Session Pkg


60 Minute Sessions With Corrective Exercise Specialist

Single Session:

12 Session Pkg


24 Session Pkg


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