Back To Basics!

This past August marked the 15th year BodyFitz has been helping people in Sandy Springs achieve lasting results towards improving their health. In that span, we have witnessed workout fads come and go (our favorite: the shake-weight), foods move categorically from healthy to unhealthy, and back to healthy again; as well as an ever changing landscape in the fitness industry. In fact, the only thing that has remained consistent in that 15 years is the constant confusion that has surrounded the meaning of health and wellness. Although some people have touted a magic pill to cure our problems, we have yet to come across a unifying theory of health that encompasses everyone. To us, this just reaffirms our belief that everyone must find their own unique FIT with respect to their age, physical competence, goals, tastes, and motivation. And to build a proper health program without acknowledging these is simply designing a program set up to fail.

Now that we are in our 16th year, we have a wonderful opportunity to look back at our history of successes as well as our failures so that we can make the next 15 years even better than the first 15. Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting those triumphs and set backs through our blog as we look to aid you in training smarter so that you can live better. As an introduction we wanted to share some quick thoughts (which will be discussed in detail in the future) about the beliefs and the learning that has been developed at Bodyfitz.

Since its inception, Bodyfitz has held few key principles to be true:

1) Strenuous strength training provides significant health benefits;

2) Moving daily keeps our bodies moving “well” as we age;

3) It is impossible to out exercise a bad diet.

 Although these beliefs are simple, they have been lasting tenets of the Bodyfitz formula and will continue to be the pillars we build our community’s healthy foundation on. With the advancement in health sciences we now know that we DO have a choice in how our body ages, and it is directly related to the lifestyles we choose and the activities that fill our days. Our pledge to our clients has always been doing everything in our ability to ensure you are fit for LIFE and that your training enables you to live the most fulfilling life possible. That means, not only giving you awesome workouts that empowers your body to move more and absorb nutrients more efficiently, but also supporting you on your individualized journey towards improved health.

However, looking back we are now more aware of certain problems that as a society we have only just now begun to understand, like: 1) How sitting is slowing destroying our bodies; 2) That not all calories are created equally; and 3) Every ‘body’ moves differently. Although we are excited to explore these topics, if there is one pressing problem to solve and to make our priority this year it is combatting sedentary lifestyles. There has never been a better reason to exercise vigorously than to combat the negative effects associated with a sedentary lifestyle. There is absolutely no benefit to sitting all day, and the only way to combat a lifetime of sitting is to MOVE! This is where we know we can make a lasting difference on the quality of your life. Helping you move better, with greater strength and coordination, to reduce injury risk and vastly improve vitality as you age!

Lastly, we know through our own experiences that the last 15 years has been littered with constant challenges. However, the reward for those struggles has been building this wonderful community, which is truly an everlasting gift in and of itself. So the Bodyfitz team knows, firsthand, that nothing comes easy, and achieving the level of health you want certainly will not be either. Do not let that discourage you. This year, Challenge Yourself. Find goals to work towards. Discover what will push you to the next level and then COMMIT. Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. We can’t wait to make this the year you find your FIT.

Your Bodyfitz Team

Back to the basics and keeping it simple!

In the coming months we want to simplify your approach to health and wellness, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy! Here are a couple of ways to keep it simple in finding your FIT.

– A consistent workout schedule will yield longer-lasting results than an intermittent one.
– Make it a priority to avoid an energy surplus; move more and eat nutrient dense foods.
– A simple and digestible nutrition plan will always be superior to the latest gimmick.
– Find your internal motivation: No one can make you workout, or force adherence to your nutrition plan. You have to want to feel uncomfortable, and seek out change. (But really, who doesn’t want to be healthy?)
– Aim for big goals, but keep it realistic with achievable daily/weekly improvements

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Nelson Castillo

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