Personal Training

It’s a Fact: Personal training will help you live a better, longer life

Our passion is to inform you and inspire you in a comfortable non-intimidating environment where active minded individuals can achieve their goals no matter what their fitness level is. We believe that with proper guidance and knowledge anyone can achieve their fitness goals.

Clients progress and achieve their goals when they have a better understanding of how their bodies function. Studies have shown a wide variation in how different people respond to similar programs. Your development of strength, balance and mobility may be quite different from that of other people you know. Check out our trainer’s impressive bios and come see what a truly effective Bodyfitz workout is all about.

A good personal trainer will

  • Keep you accountable
  • Provide you with a fresh, fun and personalized routine
  • Measure your progress
  • Help you establish new goals
  • Attain a happier perspective about life

Working with one of our trainers on a One to One basis provides the best opportunity for undivided attention, a completely individualized program, and an opportunity for you to ask questions about your training, improving your nutrition, or getting involved in one or more of many recreational activities.

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Personal Training Rates as of June 1, 2021

What our members say

Nelson Castillo
Nelson Castillo

I was looking for a gym with personal one-to-one service instead of a big box facility. I stumbled upon BodyFitz in Sandy Springs, and initially spoke with its owner, Dan FitzSimons. Both professional and knowledgeable, he took me on a tour through BodyFitz, and I have to say the gym was immaculate: top-notch equipment .. Read More

 John Doe
Allison Prenger

BodyFitz makes it easy to roll out of bed at 5 am! It's so much fun to come and workout with the trainers here. Whether you are looking to tone up your arms for a wedding, get your butt kicked back into gear, recovering from an injury, or looking to simply maintain your health- there is a trainer here that is perfect for you.. Read More