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Massage Therapy At BodyFitz

We enthusiastically recommend massage therapy as the ideal complement to a comprehensive fitness regimen. Simple stationary positions and repetitive movements often leave us feeling stressed and tense, sometimes even leading to injury. Massage techniques applied by qualified therapists can improve performance, reduce stress, relieve tension and can help avoid potential injury caused by over stressed muscles or poor body mechanics. Therapeutic massage is particularly helpful for serious athletes and those affected by postural issues on the job.

Massage therapists each have their individual techniques and qualifications. We are fortunate to have two excellent therapists to serve you. With over 18 years of massage experience available at BodyFitz, we suggest you try your next massage with us! 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions are available.

Hank Blaustein

Hank Blaustein

Hank Blaustein is a massage therapist Licensed in the state of Georgia. He is further certified as a neuromuscular therapist and as a medical massage practitioner. His approach integrates  Swedish, Thai, Deep tissue as well as sports and neuromuscular techniques. His sessions are designed to accommodate the individual needs of his clients.

Hank’s primary focus is deep tissue and sports therapies where specific techniques, including low level laser, are incorporated to relax the muscles, promote healing, increase flexibility as well as calm the mind.

Hank has been an instructor of massage therapy teaching courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Hydrotherapy, Pathology, Clinical Applications, Ethics, & Business.

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Nelson Castillo
Nelson Castillo

I was looking for a gym with personal one-to-one service instead of a big box facility. I stumbled upon BodyFitz in Sandy Springs, and initially spoke with its owner, Dan FitzSimons. Both professional and knowledgeable, he took me on a tour through BodyFitz, and I have to say the gym was immaculate: top-notch equipment .. Read More

 John Doe
Allison Prenger

BodyFitz makes it easy to roll out of bed at 5 am! It's so much fun to come and workout with the trainers here. Whether you are looking to tone up your arms for a wedding, get your butt kicked back into gear, recovering from an injury, or looking to simply maintain your health- there is a trainer here that is perfect for you.. Read More