IMPACT Summer Program for Youth at Bodyfitz

Has your current physical condition left you wanting more?

Are you a varsity athlete eager to accelerate your potential, or

do you spend too much time on the couch or in front of a computer screen?

Have you experienced an ACL injury?

Would you like to avoid an ACL injury ?

Are you ready for a more fit YOU?

Are you ready for your best athletic performances ever?


BodyFitz IMPACT prepares our youth, whether they are inactive or accomplished athletes, to get the most out of their evolving bodies. By working on functional movements and educating them about fitness progression during the summer months your child will be well equipped to thrive during the upcoming school year. The goal of BF IMPACT is to build up their physical competence in a controlled environment so together we can improve their endurance and stamina, increase their flexibility and efficacy of movements while naturally increasing overall strength through rigorous application of proper form and technique. Each individual participating in IMPACT will have a customized program that covers these basics and is suited to their needs to enhance their personal productivity while decreasing their injury risk. At the culmination of the summer, all participants will walk away having gained a fundamental understanding of exercise mechanics while also learning insightful information into nutrition protocols and recovery techniques to make sure they get the most out of their health and wellness. With this foundation they will be able to engage in all types of workouts with confidence and the proper mindset to take their athletic performances to the next level or simply improve their quality of life.

No matter your sport, no matter your athletic ability; BodyFitz IMPACT will create a customized program that will enable your child to stimulate their potential while maximizing their enjoyment.


What is BF Impact youth training? BF IMPACT is a youth training fitness program that is completely individualized to fit your child’s needs and goals.

What ages are welcome to participate? Generally 12-18 years of age. But we are able and willing to train younger children with a good interest in physical fitness. We can construct a program that is fun, encouraging and appropriate for their skill level, physical competence and age.

Why is youth Impact training important for my child? Getting your child to engage in a healthy lifestyle at an early age can greatly improve their likelihood of being fit and healthy well into adulthood. Don’t wait to get your child involved in healthy activities.

How is BF Impact different from my child’s other sporting camps? Unlike other sporting camps BF IMPACT offers either one-on-one or small groups, which allow us to give your child the maximum amount of guidance and supervision to maximize their effort and benefit.

What will my child be doing/learning in BF IMPACT? For a more detailed program agenda look to the Areas of Focus page, but they will either be discovering the foundations of fitness and wellness or learning how to accelerate their athleticism to their peak.

How long will each BF impact session last? Each session will last about 1 hour. Within that hour students will learn the proper warmup techniques that are used at all athletic levels, while going through an intense and challenging workout and finishing up with stretching, drills or an educational seminar pertaining to certain exercises or movements.

My child isn’t an athlete, can they still join? Absolutely! Physical fitness education is not just for athletes. In fact, if your child doesn’t participate regularly in youth sports, then IMPACT is the perfect opportunity to get them away from the computer screen and active!

Is there sport specific training? At BodyFitz we have a plethora of trainers with a multitude of sports backgrounds and we are ready to work with your child to achieve the skills and coordination they need to thrive in their specific sport.

Areas of Focus

1. Assessment and functional movement screening: Identifying strengths and weaknesses
– Everyone starts from somewhere and we preach progress, not perfection.
2. Proper warm-up techniques and stretching protocols for the developing athlete
– Preparing the body for the work ahead places us in a position for success.
3. Functional Movement training for a well-rounded athlete, not an imbalanced one.
– Only focusing on sport specific exercises can leave many muscle groups underutilized and cause imbalances. At BodyFitz we want to train an individual to be capable to handle any activity and thrive while doing it.
4. Strength training for youth performance and development
– We believe in Safety First, therefore by focusing on proper technique and learning the fundamentals we will aim to drastically improve their capacity to handle internal and external loads.
5. Speed, agility, and power training for advanced athletes
– Taking coordination and neuromuscular training to its maximum with industry leading equipment and exercises.
6. Sport Specific exercise to maximize efficiency and work capacity
– Specialized training that mixes advanced and complex movements to enhance skills and coordination for a desired sport. All sports welcome.
7. Injury prevention and rejuvenating techniques
– Learning to take care of a developing body takes practice, and we want to equip all of our students with the knowledge to repair and recover after a workout so they can be ready for the next one!
8. Concurrent conditioning programs, as well as post IMPACT
– Giving all youth participants the tools needed to take their fitness to the next level on their own schedule with at-home and pre-season workouts.

Youth Training is Different

Drawing kids away from their ever-present computer screens can be a daunting task for parents. To make things worse, kids are no longer exposed to as much physical activity in schools as in the past. The negative effects of sedentary lifestyles are now making national news, but more importantly they are also making it tougher and tougher for younger populations to adapt to healthy lifestyles, which is vital for proper development as they age. At BodyFitz we are aware of these difficulties as well as the physiological differences between adult and youth training so that we can adequately challenge younger populations to get the most of their workouts and make the most positive change. Whether your child is looking to discover the foundations of exercise or accelerate their ability in a given sport, BodyFitz has the personalized programs that will help your child excel. We believe that with the proper instruction and a fun environment, we can help your child turn exercise into a part of their healthy schedule this summer. To help them turn exercise into a habit we must first focus on increasing their physical competence and coordination before truly testing their limits in strength. In time they will naturally grow stronger as they develop the necessary foundation to maintain proper form, posture and balance throughout their fitness journey.

If your child does express interest in working with a trainer, you might be wondering what the benefits of doing so may be. A good trainer can help him or her find activities they can enjoy that are low-impact while teaching them the proper way to exercise for their age and goals. A trainer can also teach them how to lift weights with proper technique which has benefits of: More strength, injury prevention, better health and body composition, higher self-esteem and confidence.

As a parent it is vital that you are patient and encouraging for your child to get the most out of their fitness programs. To improve motor skills, strength, and coordination children will need to work with a trainer twice a week for three to four months before they will develop a consistent habit of exercise and the confidence needed to stay active on their own. Although there will be positive triumphs and successes along the way, it is important we reiterate that we prioritize progress over perfection.

IMPACT Summer Program

All sessions are 60 minutes including warm up, progressions, technique, and drills. Functional training workout and cool down. Nutritional guidance, rest, recovery and stretching are always on going.

**A parent selects how many times a week (2, 3, 4, 5) their child will work out. Then purchases a package for a certain number of sessions. The number of sessions secures a specific rate corresponding to their choices. Rates can not be applied retroactively and the number of workouts per week must be consistent throughout the duration of the package. The total duration of the package does not have to be completed in consecutive weeks, but all sessions must be used up by September 15, 2018.

Solo Sessions

  • (6)sessions @ $60/session = $360 each
  • (12) sessions @ $56/session = $672 save $48
  • (18) sessions @ $54/session = $972 save $108
  • (24) sessions @ $52/session = $1248 save $192
$9500one time Sign Up!

Two on One Sessions

  • (6) sessions @ $45/session = $270 each
  • (12) sessions @ $41/session = $492 each
  • (18) sessions @ $38/session = $684 each
  • (24) sessions @ $35/session = $840 each
$24000save Sign Up!

Three on One Sessions

  • (6) sessions @ $35/session = $210 each
  • (12) sessions @ $31/session = $372 each
  • (18) sessions @ $28/session = $504 each
  • (24) sessions @ $26/session = $624 each
$31200save Sign Up!

Clients can renew these packages before August 15, 2017
All Youth Pricing will expire as of October 15, 2017.

Two and three on one rates are essentially for those that sign up in pairs or threes. We will try to find a small group for your child if desired.

BodyFitz Lead Youth Trainer


Jake Rayburn Jake is a former college strength and conditioning coach with over 15 years of experience and has had the privilege of training professional athletes, potential college prospects and aspiring high school students. Certified by the NSCA and TPI, Jake has comprehensive knowledge in designing and implementing challenging programs for a wide range of athletes. Whether you play football, basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, or do track and field, Jake has the plan for you to make sure you are achieving the success you want. Jake’s philosophy is that to get the most out of yourself, you must train in a specific manner that corresponds to the demands of your chosen activities with consistency and intensity. Jake knows from experience that with the right program and the right instruction, no goal is too big nor too small. Jake is a father of two young and very athletic girls, and has worked with all age groups, athletic abilities and fitness levels throughout his career.

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