Corrective Exercise Program

Old Injury Limiting Your Fitness Goals?

Rehab Complete, But Not Back to Your Previous Fitness Level?

Want to Prevent Injury or Avoid Surgery?

Or Are You Wanting to Optimize Your Speed or Strengthen Individual Muscle Groups?


BodyFitz’s Corrective Exercise Program might be right for you. Within the Program, our Corrective Exercise Specialist will use movement screens and comprehensive body assessments to identify weak, under-optimized muscles, and/or overly dominant muscles and create a customized program to correct these compensations.  Specially certified and experienced trainers in the Corrective Exercise field will monitor and maintain your progress, ensuring your success at reaching those previously difficult to attain fitness goals. The Corrective Exercise Program is designed to aid in your overall strength training program and will be performed in conjunction with strength training. BodyFitz has also recently upgraded all our equipment and expanded to a new facility in Sandy Springs to accommodate all of your fitness, strength and speed goals.

Corrective Exercise FAQs

What is Corrective Exercise? How does it work? Corrective Exercise is used to help clients who have dysfunction as a result of previous injury, current pain or deficiency, and as a method of injury prevention.  Often a dysfunction in one region of the body will actually cause pain in another location.  Years of bad form, improper posture from sitting all day, overuse, or repetitive motions can cause compensations leading to dysfunction of the kinetic chain– that’s all the bones and muscles connected together in a chain, and each segment in the chain affects the next–and ultimately may result in pain or injury.  A Corrective Exercise Specialist will use movement screens and assessments to determine weak or under active muscles and strong or overly dominant muscles to create a customized program to correct these compensations so you can restore proper function of muscles and range of motion in joints.

Why is Corrective Exercise important for me? Every body has issues.  The human body is extremely efficient and will purposely recruit the stronger muscles in order to produce movement.  Repetitive motions in your daily life can lead to overuse of particular muscles associated with those movements and can cause dysfunction when those muscles begin to be the only muscles recruited to complete movements. Muscles attach to tendons and ligaments which move your joints so by correcting inefficiencies to the musculature, joint pain will decrease. By working with a Corrective Exercise Specialist, we can address these compensations before they cause any further pain or dysfunction. Your pain will decrease, the likelihood of injury is reduced, and often your fitness goal attainment is accelerated.

Are you a candidate for Corrective Exercise? Have you ever been injured? Do you ever experience joint pain? Anyone who has had a previous injury, surgical procedure, or experiences chronic joint pain is a candidate for Corrective Exercise.

What happens after Physical Therapy? After suffering through an injury or undergoing a surgical procedure, Physical Therapy is usually necessary to restore strength and range of motion to the effected joint or muscle. After completing Physical Therapy, it is highly suggested to work with a Corrective Exercise Specialist because,although the injury has been rehabilitated, adjustments need to be made to the faults in the kinetic chain that originally caused the injury or dysfunction in the first place. A Corrective Exercise Specialist will look at the entire human movement system and assess any compensations occurring from the original injury or acquired during recovery time while movement patterns were altered.


Corrective Exercise Baseline Assessment & Plan Development

  • Individual Baseline Session
  • Movement Screen Baseline &

    Corrective Exercise Plan

  • Works in Conjunction with

    Your Regular BodyFitz Trainer

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45 Minute Sessions With Corrective Exercise Specialist

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60 Minute Sessions With Corrective Exercise Specialist

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BodyFitz Corrective Exercise Specialist


Jenna Minecci Jenna’s passion for the human movement system started from a young age when she had many season ending injuries and surgeries as a youth athlete.  As she learned more she realized most of the injuries could have been prevented and, more importantly, rehabilitation alone left her with dysfunctions that were never addressed.  In college she majored in Kinesiology knowing she wanted to help prevent other’s from suffering the same fate she had with her battle of injuries.  During her undergraduate career, Jenna worked as a Personal Trainer but also had exclusive internships with the University of Tennessee Sports Medicine Department, the University of Tennessee Baseball Strength and Conditioning Department, and a local Chiropractic Clinic.  She even designed and implemented a core stability program for the University of Tennessee Rowing Team.

Jenna’s additional post-graduate career highlights include working at the Vanderbilt Orthopedic Institute with a client who won a Gold Medal in Archery in the Senior Olympics as a result of Jenna’s movement corrections, and as the Corrective Exercise Specialist at BodyFitz, she worked exclusively with NFL Offensive Lineman Harland Gunn, addressing his hip mobility issues and helping him gain power coming off the line.

Working with your Physician and/or Physical Therapist may also be required in a Corrective Exercise Program, but leave the details to us, and set up an assessment to determine your best course of action.

What our members say about Jenna

“I am Harland Gunn. I am an ex-NFL football player. I spent the majority of my NFL career with The Atlanta Falcons. While preparing during the offseason with The Falcons, I wanted to tend to my chronic issues of hip mobility and core instability. I knew I had issues with my core not being as strong as I’d like, and my hips being rigid from squatting heavy weights throughout my football career. The hip pain was limiting my performance. I heard about Jenna at BodyFitz through my wife, and decided to explore the gym to see what type of services they could provide for the goals I had set regarding my hips and core. After a month of consistent work outs, mobility work, and stretching with Jenna, my hip issues were considerably reduced and I felt extremely free moving around during football practices and performing everyday tasks. My core strength was significantly improved and I was quicker coming up off the line. If I were to come across younger football players dealing with similar issues, I would refer them to Jenna to have their functional movement issues tended to. Thanks again Jenna.”

Harland Gunn

“In today's healthcare market place there has never been a better time to consider a Post-Rehabilitation Corrective Exercise Program. I have known Jenna for 10 years going back to the days when she was my patient recovering from Orthopedic surgery. She was very focused on her own Rehab as she recovered from injuries as an athlete and with that focus grew her passion and dedication to change the lives of others with pain and injuries. It wasn’t soon after her first surgery that she was interning with me (at the age of 15!) so that she could start to learn as much as possible about rehabilitation and the human body. She is extremely knowledgeable in the area of Kinesiology and Exercise Science and because of her past experiences she is an excellent choice to guide you through a complete recovery. Without any hesitation I recommend Jenna to any of my patients who need a Post-Rehabilitation Corrective Exercise Program.”

Terry Trundle – ATC,LAT,PTA Athletic Rehab Institute- Owner/Director of Sports Medicine

Running has been an important part of my life since my first marathon in 1996.  When I injured my knee, in May of 2015, and could not run; I was not a happy camper! I went to the orthopedist, and he x-rayed both knees, and said that I had cartilage, but the tendons, muscles, etc. were extremely inflamed.  He advised me to stop running and initiate a program of exercise therapy to help heal the knee. Jenna built a customized program of home and in-the-gym exercises, and began working with me three times per week.  Within three months, my knees were feeling great! Now I can run again, and I will continue the exercises for probably the rest of my life to ensure strong muscles and tendons, and flexibility to enable me to exercise and run. I have already signed up for my next half marathon which I thought I could never do again! Yay for Jenna and a great program!!!

Carol Johnson

“Before I started working with Jenna I had a lot of knee problems if I played tennis more than twice a week. After just a few months with Jenna I was able to go to a week- long tennis clinic and I didn’t have any knee pain at all! Jenna helped me see that my knee pain was a combination of knee, hamstring, and hip issues, and she used weight training, stretching, and other exercises to address them. I’m very thankful for Jenna and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next.”

Kyle Barry

“Jenna began working with me 6 months before my hip replacement. She had me do a lot of hip strengthening exercises to prepare me for me surgery. Thanks to Jenna, I was back at work in 5 days and working out in 2 weeks. At my post op appointment, my surgeon thanked me for making him look good. Jenna gets all of the credit, she is the best!”

Howard Steinberg