7 lbs. of Fall

IMG_2218Why is January the biggest diet month of the year?  Yes, people make New Year’s Resolutions, but the average person gains 7 lbs. of Fall.  The single biggest contributing factor is getting off your routine—for the sake of food!

Between sporting events—World Series, Football, and Festivals—and then throw in Holiday parties, School Parties, Office Parties—and don’t forget the Thanksgiving spread—Yikes!  And we know calendaring all of these events means missing a few training sessions. We basically add more weekends to our weeks during the Fall! And now you are officially “off your routine.”

Being “off routine” can derail all the hard work of any fitness plan. If you adjust your routine for a food binge, get back on again quickly, and plan a long walk, hike or bike ride on your off day.

water bottleRemember: Water is your best friend! You know to drink lots of water while on your routine, however, adding extra glasses of water while straying from the routine can also help.  Alternate those extra alcoholic beverages with a calorie free sparkling or tap water. Be the person in the room who brings their workout water bottle to the Thanksgiving table.

JUST MOVE! Have that conversation with long lost relative by standing, not sitting.  Move gatherings outside for a family walk around the block. And don’t be the one standing next to the food.  Just move!

Eat a Salad first! While hitting the buffet line or ordering at a restaurant, consider always making a hearty salad your first course. Dedicate a separate plate for salad, and take a salad plate and finish it entirely before starting the main meal or entree course. This will help you avoid “social eating,” finish all your food just because you are finishing a conversation.

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